Hello there!
Thanks for having a wee look on our website.

Who we are
A wee family restaurant that has mum and dad in the kitchen working tirelessly cooking hopefully good food and the rest of the family front and back of house with some friends helping on busier days. If you are looking for a chic minimalist restaurant with new wave cuisine from the sub continent we are not that, Kismot is not about airs and graces. It is about great service and a delightfully modern take on Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine from a family that will try there genuine best.

Food wise
Choices are good old fashioned Indian/Bangladeshi Curry, We pride ourselves for having a varied menu on top of these curry’s like some fun curry flavours such as Chocolate Curry, Iron Bruna and The Kismot Killer (so hot you need to sign a disclaimer and be over 18) but also the other end of the spectrum to Mums Deshi Khani which is curry cooked and served on the bone, and is as authentic as you can get, its what we have for dinner!
Take a look through the window behind the bar and witness for yourself the heart of the restaurant as Mum & Dad produce traditional & authentic Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine for you.

Service wise
Simply treating customers the way we would like to be treated if we went out for dinner. Treating visitors with a genuine wee bit of love and affection! :), we are human and sometimes make mistakes but we will always try our best to learn from them, please just tell us on your visit and we will take things on board.

We get asked a lot why we are a ‘Bring Your Own Bottle’ (BYOB) restaurant. This is due to our religious beliefs of not profiting from or consuming alcohol. Feel free to enjoy wine and beer with your meal but please be mindful of other guests and remember our Mum and Dad are in the kitchen!

If you are a visitor to Edinburgh don't be put off by us not being on the main tourist streets. It's a very short walk from the main Newington bus routes and very easy to find, or a 20 min walk from the East end of Princess Street, please book ahead though just incase we have a busy night and short for table, we really don’t want to turn anyone away especially if you have made such a effort to visit us

Simply put just a honest genuine family restaurant with mum, dad and wee brother cooking non pretentious good Indian/Bangladeshi food in a clean, contemporary environment, with family front of house and Bring Your Own Bottle (wine and beer only) keeping costs right down.

Thanks for reading and the very best wishes from everyone at Kismot.

The Ali Family